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Seasons greeting board gamers! The holidays are right around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about gifts! And this means (of course) that we're thinking about board gaming! Board gaming is the ideal holiday activity. It's perfect to break out for some great family bonding or to escape from a little of the dinner table drama. It's also the best activity for curling up next to the fire with a little cider. So, at the end of this crazy year we thought that we would give you a little help in finding the perfect gift for the board game and tabletop lovers in your life.

We know that shopping for board gamers can be a challenge, it's hard to know which games, merch, and accessories are worth wrapping up. But never fear! We’re here to lend our tabletop gifting expertise to everyone from die hard board gamers to people just getting started! So, here's Tabletop Simulator’s Holiday Gift Guide, our ultimate list of 27 gift ideas for every board gamer you know! And if you are a board game lover yourself feel free to pass this guide along to loved ones as a hint. We won’t judge ;)

The Best 27 Board Game Presents Types:

  • The Tabletop Simulator Essentials
  • Board Game Accessories
  • Board Game Swag
  • Board Game Décor
  • Board Game Snacks
  • Reading List
  • Great For the Holidays
  • The Tabletop Simulator Essentials:

    Your Digital Board Game Gaming Destination

    1. Tabletop Simulator

    Tabletop Simulator is the best platform for all of your board gaming needs and provides the perfect opportunity to check off a few gifts for the tabletop gaming enthusiast in your life. It’s also just a great way to kick the quarantine blues by connecting safely with friends or any of the more than 3 million TTS users. With its life-like interface, unlimited creative potential, and affordable pricing, Tabletop Simulator is ideal for hardcore virtual game nights, digital board game creating, and casual rounds of checkers alike. And, with 16 classic games like chess and poker, a huge library of DLCs, and 30,000+ community created games, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

    Typical Gamer Profile: Any and Everyone!- Perfect for everyone from casual gamers to board game designers to hardcore board game competitors. Number of Players: Options for single to multiplayer, play with people you know or join up with any of the 3 million Tabletop Simulator community players.
    Age: Options for all ages! Theme(s): Classic board games everyone will recognize, strategy, card, RPG, original games found nowhere else, and many, many more! Why You Should Try TTS: It's a great activity to bring families and friends together for familiar games or new exciting community designed content. You will never be bored with over 30,000 games and over 3 million players.

    If you're worried about getting started, check out our beginners guides as well as these great articles below: Tabletop Simulators Video Tutorials Learn Basic Controls Tom's Guide to Learning Tabletop Simulator

    2. Wingspan: Tabletop Simulator DLC

    Imagine you are a bird enthusiast. Imagine you have to compete with the other ornithologically-inclined to acquire the best and biggest collection of birds for your budding sanctuary. Now imagine doing that with your friends thousands of miles away or right next door. This is Wingspan, a card-driven, engine building game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave and Stonemaier Games, available as a DLC on Tabletop Simulator.

    Typical Gamer Profile: Any and Everyone!- It’s perfect for playing with family, at competitive game nights, or in tourneys. Number of Players: Options for single to multiplayer with people you know, or any of the 3 million TTS community players. Age: 10 and up. Theme: An easy to learn and fun to play educational, strategy based game with an aviary twist!

    Also check out the physical version and its two expansions, The birds of Europe and the birds of Oceania!

    3. Tiny Epic… (Dealers Choice)

    Tabletop Simulator has a number of fantastic titles from Gamelyn Games’ Tiny Epic series including Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Western, Tiny Epic Defenders, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, and Tiny Epic Galaxies. Whatever board game fantasy you are looking for, Tiny Epic has it! This series of card based strategy games lets you explore adventure everywhere from far away solar systems to fully developed fantasy universes. The only question left is...where will you go?

    Typical Gamer Profile: Great for anyone who loves strategy adventure games with a twist of RPG. Number of Players: Up to 4 people. Playable with anyone you know or any of the 3 million TTS community players. Age: 14 and up. Theme: Any of several fully game-able universes ranging from Western to Sci-fi! Also make sure to check out their other Gamelyn Games titles and their all new board game: Dragonland! Find the full list of Tabletop Simulator’s DLC Games Here to find the perfect add on for every board game enthusiast you know!

    Board Game Accessories:

    Make board games more convenient and more stylish

    4. Dice Rolling Tray

    Any board gamer can attest to the struggle of the all-to-frequent dice hunt under the table after a particularly enthusiastic roll. These trays will make sure that you can give your rolls all of the flair and spin you want, without sending them flying under the couch. And, with a range of colors, styles, and themes, you will be able to find the tray that best matches your favorite game.

    5. A Dice Tower

    If you like the idea of keeping your dice within reach, but want a little extra personality, we recommend picking up a dice tower. These towers will make sure that your rolls stay off of the floor while also adding some flavor to your playing surface. With themes ranging from classic wood to epic fantasy, you will be able to find a tower that goes with any game-lover’s favorite styles!

    6. Pencils

    It sounds simple, but board gamers know the value of a reliable and high quality pencil. The Palomino by Blackwing is a perfect example of a pencil for any board gamer tired of broken lead and hard-to-read writing.

    7. Unique Dice Sets

    Dice are essential for nearly every board game on the market, so why not make them eye-catching centerpieces too? There are a huge amount of unique dice sets available, but we would recommend Q-workshop’s Dwarven Metal set as a great starting place for anyone looking to add flavor to a fantasy board game. And who knows, they just might serve as a little inspiration for your next TTS workshop creation

    8. Bulk Dice Sets

    Unique dice sets aren’t for every board gamer. When that's the case we recommend the Pound-O-Dice from Chessex. As the name suggests this is a literal pound of dice perfect for hosting game nights or tourneys. And who knows, maybe you will find something that catches your eye!

    Board Game Swag

    Wear your passion on your sleeve...literally!

    9. Board Gamer Bag

    For the board gamer on the go. This bag from GEEKON is specially designed for transporting board games easily and efficiently. From durable, waterproof straps, to extra pockets for every board gaming accessory, this carry-on compliant bag will make sure game night is now mobile!

    10. Board Game Mask

    If you are looking to be safe and still show off your board game swag, this mask is perfect for you! Get ready to show up with style to your next socially distanced chess date or COVID-safe game night.

    11. Earrings

    These dice-shaped earrings are great if you want to be a little more subtle with your board game obsession. And with plenty of colors, you can be sure to find something that matches your favorite outfit!

    12. A Good Ole-Fashioned Shirt

    If you’re shopping for a board gamer, you can’t go wrong with a classic graphic t-shirt. With this tee, any table-top enthusiast can make sure that everyone knows how much they love board gaming.

    Board Game Décor:

    Add a little color (and board game) to your home.

    13. Retro Posters

    With a great retro look, these are perfect for any board gamer looking to spruce up their home. There are posters available for the biggest titles out there, so you can make sure to get your favorite!

    14. Scratch-Off Poster

    Maybe the retro look isn’t for you? Maybe you need something to help keep track of your board game bucket list? For that, we recommend this board game scratch off poster so you can mark off and show off what you have played...and what you need to get next!

    15. Coasters

    These dice-decorated coasters are a wonderful small gift to add just the right touch of board game to a living room. They also look great surrounding a game of D&D!

    16. Skyline Chess Set

    Sometimes nothing beats a classic game of chess. But why not give it a little personality too with this beautiful NYC-themed chess board? It's also perfect if you ever wanted to say the phrase “my Empire State Building takes your Guggenheim”.

    Board Game Snacks

    For those who want to play and eat the board game

    17. Chocolate Chess

    UIf the New York City skyline chess isn’t what you’re looking for, why not go a different direction with chess you This chocolate chess package contains a full, 32-piece, completely edible chess set that begs the question: Why flip the board when you could just eat it?

    18. Board Gamer Mug

    Sometimes something small is exactly what a board gamer needs. A classic mug is affordable, useful, and lets everyone know exactly how they feel about board gaming. It's also perfect for a little caffeine to fuel some late night marathon-gaming!

    19. Dice Cookie Cutter

    The holidays are a perfect time to combine a love of baking with a love of tabletop gaming. For this we recommend this great two part dice cookie cutter. Perfect for accenting your holiday party with a little touch of board games!

    20. Dice Lollipops

    These hand-decorated, individually wrapped lollipops are excellent board game stocking stuffers, or a great addition to your next poker night!

    Reading List

    What better way to take a break from gaming than with a little reading...about gaming?

    21. Game Night Cookbook

    We lied, this one still might be about eating. Be sure that you are ready to host the ultimate greasy-finger-free game night with this cookbook and its collection of board game friendly meals and appetizers!

    22. Hosting the Perfect Game Night

    Now that you have the game night food, let’s make sure you're ready for everything else. This book is the ultimate guide to holding the perfect game night, complete with instructions on hosting, serving, and playing.

    23. Bringing Games to Work

    This book is perfect if you have ever wanted to break out a little board gaming at work but were afraid your boss might see. With this guide, you can find out how to develop transferable skills and future-proofing techniques just by playing a few games at work

    24. Everything Board Games

    If you're shopping for a board game lover and aren’t sure which type of board gaming to shop for, just get them a book on literally everything. This collection of facts, tips, tricks, and guides is perfect if you are just getting into tabletop gaming or if you want to brush up on your elite skills!

    Great for the Holidays

    25. Luxury Edition Classics

    These options are on the more expensive side. But we think it's worth it for any of these unique and gorgeous versions of classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and many more!

    26. Holiday Mahjong

    Enjoy a holiday take on a classic game with this Christmas themed Mahjong set. This set is top quality, limited edition, and would look fantastic under a Christmas tree!

    27. Holiday Dice

    Give your next game night a little holiday flair with a beautiful hollow metal dice set. Each die is covered in beautiful, Christmas themed inlay that spices up an already high-quality dice set.
    We hope you and the board game lovers in your life have a happy and healthy holiday season!